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Welcome to my materials blog assignment for Libr 264-10 at San Jose State University Fall 2011. Under the Posts heading, you will find all the materials in alphabetical order. Under the Materials Categories heading,  you will find  the materials categorized by type of material. For example if you would like to find all the books in this blog click on the book link under material categories. The next widget is tags. Under tags you will find the tagged materials. I hope you have a good time reading through this blog as I had making this blog. Happy Reading!

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Title: 1984

Author: George Orwell

IBSN: 0679417397

Publisher: Knopf

Copyright Date: 1992

Genre: Science Fiction

Reading Level: 7th grade

Interest Age: 16 yrs. +

Challenge Issues: Some views on censorship may be offensive to individuals.

Curriculum Ties: This book could be used to spark discussion in a high school English class.

Information about author: George Orwell was born on June 25, 1903 as Eric Arthur Blair. He uses George Orwell as a pseudonym. He attended Eton College and worked as a high school teacher. He was also a journalist and political writer.

Orwell wrote on his social justice and socialist views. His most popular novels are Animal Farm, 1984 and Homage to Catalonia. He wrote the Prometheus award for 1984. He also wrote The Road to Wigan Pier and Coming Up for Air.

Plot Summary: In the land of Oceania, Winston lives under strict dicatorship of the party. Their movements are studied and watched including who they love. Winston falls in love with Julia and meet in secret. They both secretly start a rebellion against the government.

Critical Evaluation: This book is written wonderfully. It is written to be thought of and spark discussion.

Reader’s annotation: Do you want to join a rebellion against the government?

Book talk ideas: Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in a communist country? How is was like to live in China, Cuba or Russia? Do you think it was tough? Do you think it was easy? Do you have any idea what the leaders thought about the ‘masses’? Find out what it is like as you read Animal Farm.

Why did you include this book?: It is important for teens to be exposed to these views on censorship.

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A Child Called “It”: One Child’s Courage to Survive

Title: A Child Called “It”: One Child’s Courage to Survive 

Author: Dave Pelzer

IBSN: 0329173219

Publisher: Health Communications

Copyright Date: 1995

Genre: Memoir

Reading Level: 5th grade

Interest Age: 13 yrs. +

Challenge Issues: This could be challenged because it deals with child abuse issues.

Curriculum Ties: n/a

Information about author: Dave Pelzer was born on December 29, 1960. He as born in Daly City, California. In addition to being a writer, he is also a motivational speaker. He was also in the Air force before he became an author.

Pelzer wrote several books. His books are either memoirs or self-help books. Some are his memoirs are The Lost Boy, My Story, A Man Named Dave, and The Privilege of Youth. His self-help titles are Help Yourself and Help Yourself for Teens.

Plot Summary: In the book, A child called “it”: One child’s courage to survive, it tells about Dave Pelzer’s childhood. In his childhood he experienced a great deal of child abuse from his mother. His mother starved him, beat him and abused him through mental games. Ultimately, he overcomes the abuse.

Critical Evaluation: This book is a raw look at child abuse. It is written in a way that infuses inspiration and the spirit of overcoming obstacles.

Reader’s annotation: Read the inspirational tale of Dave Pelzer’s A child called “It” : One Child’s Courage to Survive.

Book talk ideas: This inspirational story gives you an inside look to one of the worst cases of child abuse. Not only does Dave Pelzer describe the horrific abuse he received from his mother, but he explains how he overcame this abuse. This is a book is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Why did you include this book?: I learned through this course that sometimes teens are attracted to dark  subjects. This dark subject could be of interest to teens.

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Title: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Author: Betty Smith

IBSN: 0895773287

Publisher: Harper & Brothers

Copyright Date: 1943

Genre: Memoir

Reading Level: 4 th grade

Interest Age: 9 yrs. +

Challenge Issues: n/a

Curriculum Ties: n/a

Information about author: Betty Smith was born on December 15, 1896. She was born in New York to Poor German immigrants. As she got older she got married and decided to attend college. She attended University of Michigan.

Smith wrote a total of four books. The most popular of these books was her first; A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. This book was followed by Tomorrow Will Be Better in 1947.  Then came Maggie Now in 1958. Her last book was Joy of the Morning in 1963.

Plot Summary: Johnny and Kate Nolan marry and have Francie and Neely. After a few years of marriage Johnny becomes an alcoholic and Kate supports the family by cleaning homes. Kate becomes pregnant once again and Johnny dies. The Nolans are supported by the Francie and Neely’s after school jobs, but soon they drop out of school to help their mother. The Nolans save enough money for Neely to return to school while Francie continues to work. Soon Neely graduates, Francie enters college and Katie becomes engaged to a wealthy businessman.

Critical Evaluation: I loved this book. As a young first generation Latina, I can relate to the struggles of immigrants.

Reader’s annotation: Can Francie lead her family out of the tough streets of Brooklyn?

Book talk ideas: This book illustrates the hardships of an immigrant. Young Francie faces poverty and the hardships life throws at her. She unofficially becomes the leader of the family by working at a young age. This is ultimately a story about yet another strong women.

Why did you include this book?: Teens enjoy the spirit of overcoming obstacles.

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Angela’s ashes : a memoir

Title: Angela’s ashes : a memoir

Author: Frank McCourt

IBSN: 0684843137

Publisher: Scribner

Copyright Date: 1996

Genre: Memoir

Reading Level: 11th grade

Interest Age: 16 yrs. +

Challenge Issues:

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Information about author: Frank McCourt was born in August 19, 1930. He was born in New York, but his family moved to Ireland. He comes from an Irish background. He earned a Bachelor degree in English from New York University. Then he attended Brooklyn College where he received a Masters degree.

McCourt wrote five books. Some of his books are ‘Tis, Yeats is Dead, and Teacher Man. He gained recognition for Angela’s Ashes. He won National Book Critics Circle Award and a Pulitzer prize. His last book was Angela and the Baby Jesus.

Plot Summary: Frank McCourt was born in the United States, but after his sister died his family moved back to their homeland of Ireland. In Ireland, they face the life of poverty. Along with his siblings, he fends for life. His mother helps by working for the family while his father steals all the family’s welfare money to spend on his alcohol.

Critical Evaluation: This book is well written. It tells about the real life trials of an immigrant.

Reader’s annotation: Join Frank McCourt as he writes about his life.

Book talk ideas: Yet another story about the hardships of an immigrant. Although this book is told from the perspective of a young Irish boy. He tells about his impoverish life and the hardships he has to face. A story about survival and the strength of the human spirit.

Why did you include this book?: Teens like reading about trials. They will find the characters overcoming the trials through this book.

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Anne of Green Gables

Title: Anne of Green Gables

Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery

IBSN: 0887765157

Publisher: L. C. Page & Co.

Copyright Date: 1908

Genre: Classic

Reading Level: 4th grade

Interest Age: 12 years +

Challenge Issues: N/A

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Information about author: Lucy Maud Montgomery was born on November 30, 1874.  She is known as L.M. Montgomery. After her mother died, her father feel into depression.  She was raised by her grandparents. She is Canadian.

L.M. Montgomery wrote many books. Anne of Green Gables is part of a series of books loosely based on her life. The other books in the series include Anne of the Island, The Golden Road, Rainbow Valley and Anne of Windy Poplars. Her other book include A Tangled Web, Mistress Pat and The Story Girl.

Plot Summary: Anne Shirley, a red-haired, talkative and intelligent is accidently adopted by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert in Green Gables, Canada. The brother and sister pair wanted a boy to help out at their farm, Green Gables. This book follows Anne throughout her childhood adventures. She is teased by Gilbert, a boy from school, who eventually stops teasing her and they become friends. She also earns a scholarship from a far way town, but chooses to stay in Green Gables.

Critical Evaluation: It seemed rather dull to me. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it was written so long ago. Also, it seemed to be geared to all audiences, not to just children.

Reader’s annotation: Will orphan Anne find love in her new adoptive home?

Book talk ideas: This is a warm story about an orphan who finds a home in unlikely place. Annie, the orphan, comes to find a home with a brother and a sister who are in need of some help with their household chores. Although willful Annie is focused on receiving her education and small conflict ensues.

Why did you include this book?: This book may be for readers who are not performing at their grade level.

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Ask Hayley : real answers for today’s teen

Title: Ask Hayley : real answers for today’s teen 

Author: Hayley DiMarco

IBSN: 0800732162

Publisher: Revell

Copyright Date: 2008

Genre: Advice

Reading Level: 5th grade

Interest Age: 13 yrs +

Challenge Issues: This book is written as a Christian book. It would definitely not be placed into a public library because of its religious affiliations.

Curriculum Ties: This book could be used at a Christian school for children to discuss how their views  differ from Hayley’s views.

Information about author: Hayley DiMarco is  a Christian speaker, writer and preacher. She founded the company Hungry Planet. This company was created with the vision to make Christian reading materials. As a speaker, she has been the guest speaker to many important Christian events such as Women of Faith and MOPS International Leadership Convention.

DiMarco has authored over than thirty books. Her books are geared towards young women and girls. Twenty of her books were best selling novels. Four of her books were number one best selling novels. Her books have received Christian awards.

Plot Summary: Hayley DiMarco answers teen girls questions on various topics with a Godly perspective.

Critical Evaluation: I believe that this is a good read for teen girls, especially Christian Teen girls. I enjoyed it and would use it at my church.

Reader’s annotation: Girlfriend, do you need some advice? Find out what Hayley thinks about your problem.

Book talk ideas: Do Hayley’s views align with your own beliefs? As you read through the book it will give you Hayley’s christian viewpoint.

Why did you include this book: This was a light read that reads like a magazine, but is a book. I think young teen girls like reading advice in a magazine format.

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