Title: 1984

Author: George Orwell

IBSN: 0679417397

Publisher: Knopf

Copyright Date: 1992

Genre: Science Fiction

Reading Level: 7th grade

Interest Age: 16 yrs. +

Challenge Issues: Some views on censorship may be offensive to individuals.

Curriculum Ties: This book could be used to spark discussion in a high school English class.

Information about author: George Orwell was born on June 25, 1903 as Eric Arthur Blair. He uses George Orwell as a pseudonym. He attended Eton College and worked as a high school teacher. He was also a journalist and political writer.

Orwell wrote on his social justice and socialist views. His most popular novels are Animal Farm, 1984 and Homage to Catalonia. He wrote the Prometheus award for 1984. He also wrote The Road to Wigan Pier and Coming Up for Air.

Plot Summary: In the land of Oceania, Winston lives under strict dicatorship of the party. Their movements are studied and watched including who they love. Winston falls in love with Julia and meet in secret. They both secretly start a rebellion against the government.

Critical Evaluation: This book is written wonderfully. It is written to be thought of and spark discussion.

Reader’s annotation: Do you want to join a rebellion against the government?

Book talk ideas: Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in a communist country? How is was like to live in China, Cuba or Russia? Do you think it was tough? Do you think it was easy? Do you have any idea what the leaders thought about the ‘masses’? Find out what it is like as you read Animal Farm.

Why did you include this book?: It is important for teens to be exposed to these views on censorship.

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