Angela’s ashes : a memoir

Title: Angela’s ashes : a memoir

Author: Frank McCourt

IBSN: 0684843137

Publisher: Scribner

Copyright Date: 1996

Genre: Memoir

Reading Level: 11th grade

Interest Age: 16 yrs. +

Challenge Issues:

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Information about author: Frank McCourt was born in August 19, 1930. He was born in New York, but his family moved to Ireland. He comes from an Irish background. He earned a Bachelor degree in English from New York University. Then he attended Brooklyn College where he received a Masters degree.

McCourt wrote five books. Some of his books are ‘Tis, Yeats is Dead, and Teacher Man. He gained recognition for Angela’s Ashes. He won National Book Critics Circle Award and a Pulitzer prize. His last book was Angela and the Baby Jesus.

Plot Summary: Frank McCourt was born in the United States, but after his sister died his family moved back to their homeland of Ireland. In Ireland, they face the life of poverty. Along with his siblings, he fends for life. His mother helps by working for the family while his father steals all the family’s welfare money to spend on his alcohol.

Critical Evaluation: This book is well written. It tells about the real life trials of an immigrant.

Reader’s annotation: Join Frank McCourt as he writes about his life.

Book talk ideas: Yet another story about the hardships of an immigrant. Although this book is told from the perspective of a young Irish boy. He tells about his impoverish life and the hardships he has to face. A story about survival and the strength of the human spirit.

Why did you include this book?: Teens like reading about trials. They will find the characters overcoming the trials through this book.

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