Ask Hayley : real answers for today’s teen

Title: Ask Hayley : real answers for today’s teen 

Author: Hayley DiMarco

IBSN: 0800732162

Publisher: Revell

Copyright Date: 2008

Genre: Advice

Reading Level: 5th grade

Interest Age: 13 yrs +

Challenge Issues: This book is written as a Christian book. It would definitely not be placed into a public library because of its religious affiliations.

Curriculum Ties: This book could be used at a Christian school for children to discuss how their views  differ from Hayley’s views.

Information about author: Hayley DiMarco is  a Christian speaker, writer and preacher. She founded the company Hungry Planet. This company was created with the vision to make Christian reading materials. As a speaker, she has been the guest speaker to many important Christian events such as Women of Faith and MOPS International Leadership Convention.

DiMarco has authored over than thirty books. Her books are geared towards young women and girls. Twenty of her books were best selling novels. Four of her books were number one best selling novels. Her books have received Christian awards.

Plot Summary: Hayley DiMarco answers teen girls questions on various topics with a Godly perspective.

Critical Evaluation: I believe that this is a good read for teen girls, especially Christian Teen girls. I enjoyed it and would use it at my church.

Reader’s annotation: Girlfriend, do you need some advice? Find out what Hayley thinks about your problem.

Book talk ideas: Do Hayley’s views align with your own beliefs? As you read through the book it will give you Hayley’s christian viewpoint.

Why did you include this book: This was a light read that reads like a magazine, but is a book. I think young teen girls like reading advice in a magazine format.

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