Title: Beowulf

Author: Gareth Hinds

IBSN: 0763630225

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Copyright Date: 2007

Genre: Adventure

Reading Level: 8th grade

Interest Age: 15 yrs +

Challenge Issues: This may have too much violence.

Curriculum Ties: This book may be read in an English class.

Information about author: Gareth Hinds grew up in Vermont. From an early age, he started drawing. In grade school he drew and edited for his school newspaper.He graduated from Parsons School of Design. He worked as a computers graphics designer after graduating from college.

Gareth Hinds is a popular illustrator. He creates graphic novels. He makes classics into graphic novels. Some of his  books include The Oddyssey and Merchant of Venice. His other books are King Lear and Beowolf.

Plot Summary: This is a retelling of the story of Beowolf in a graphic novel format. Beowolf slays a monster that has tortured a village. After killing this dragon, the monster’s mother comes to kill her son’s layer, Beowolf, but once again he survives to the villagers amazement. Finally, he comes to his ultimate challenge killing the ferocious dragon.

Critical Evaluation: I really enjoyed this book. Hinds’ drawings give new life to this old classic tale. Young boys and girls will enjoy seeing his drawings.

Reader’s annotation: Conquer lands and slay dragons as Beowolf, the warrior Prince.

Book talk ideas: Are you into the fantasy computer game, World of Warcraft? If so this book is for you. This is the graphic novel retelling of Beowolf. Beowolf is a warrior prince who faces massive dragons and conquers lands.

Why did you include this book?: I think that Hinds drawings to this classic tale may revive young boys and girls interest in the classics.

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