Chicken soup for the teen soul: real-life stories by real teens

Title: Chicken soup for the teen soul: real-life stories by real teens

Author: Jack Canfield

IBSN: 9780545072274

Publisher: Health Communications

Copyright Date: 2007

Genre: Self-Help

Reading Level: 7th grade

Interest Age: 13 yrs+

Challenge Issues: Some of the teen stories may contain so stories with stories that are too “real” for some teens.

Curriculum Ties: Teachers can ask students to write a story that they plan to submit to the Chicken soup for the soul series.

Information about author: Jack Can field was born on August 19, 1944. He worked as a teacher and psychotherapist. He attended and graduated from Harvey University with a degree in Chinese History. He also attended and graduated University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Masters in Education.

Canfield wrote many books. He is famous for editing and compiling the Chicken Soup for the soup series. These books are self-motivation self help books for all types of people. In addition to those books, he is also a motivational speaker.

Plot Summary: The book in the teen version of Chicken soup for the soup. This book complies stories written by teens. The stories are all true stories. There are stories are death, grief, heart brake, a special someone such as a parent, family member or school staff.

Critical Evaluation: These stories have real substance. It offers their fellow teens support to know that they are not alone when facing dilemmas in life.

Reader’s annotation: Read Teen’s real life stories written by teens just like you.

Book talk ideas: Have you ever needed a listening ear or a shoulder to put your head on? In this installment of Chicken soup for the teen soul, it offers real stories written for teens just like you. These stories are meant to encourage and uplift through hard times as well as to help celebrate through happy times.

Why did you include this book?: Teens like relate to the short stories written by other teens. Also, the short stories are easy to read.

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