CosmoGirl Magazine

Title: CosmoGirl Magazine

IBSN: 1528-4824

Publisher: Hearst Publishing

Running Date: 1999-2008

Reading Level: 6th grade

Interest Age: 12 yr +

Challenge Issues: This magazine may contain some sexual content and the articles may not encourage girl’s self esteem.

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Plot Summary: Each magazine had a celebrity on the cover along with a cover story and their photo shoot. The magazine also had tips on makeup techniques, hair accessories, and skin care. It also contained advice on boys and sexual advice. It followed trends on clothes and pop culture in general.

Critical Evaluation: It suffixes as a teen girls magazine. It does give girls a view into their interests. It does not encourage girl’s self esteem. It sent a bad message to young girls. Girls were continually exposed to girls who were represented an unrealistic and unattainable standard. So much of the focus was on young girls looks, not young girls intellect or gifts.

Reader’s annotation: Learn more about makeup, beauty tips, your favorite celebs and boys in CosmoGirl.

Book talk ideas: N/A

Why did you include this book?: Alas, this is a popular teen girl magazine that will bring young girls into the library.

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