I love Kristen Stewart

Title: I love Kristen Stewart

Author: Kat Miller

IBSN: 9781615330607

Publisher: Windmill Books

Copyright Date: 2011

Genre: Biography

Reading Level: 4th grade

Interest Age: 14 yr. +

Challenge Issues: N/A

Curriculum Ties: This book can be used when writing biographies.

Information about author: Kat Miller has written an I Love Series. Her books are primary biographies. They are biographies of popular young teen stars. These books  contain their early childhood, a brief overview of the rising to stardom and a brief overall of the works they are known for.

Miller has written several books. Her  books include I Love Robert Pattison, I Love Taylor Swift and I Love Daniel Radcliffe. Her other include I Love The Jonas Brothers and I Love Miley Cyrus. These books are typically about twenty-four pages.

Plot Summary: This book tells the story of Kristen Stewart’s life. Kristen Stewart is the famous tween star who plays Bella in the Twilight series. The book tells about how she earned the role in Twilight, but extends her story to other areas in her life. It tells about her childhood, her other movie roles, her personal life, and her first starring role.

Critical Evaluation: Since I am a new Twilight fan, because of this class, I thought it was a good short read. I like how it focused on Kristen’s life other than Twilight. It is important to realize that she has gained respect and praise from her other roles.

Reader’s annotation: Learn more about Kristen Stewart’s life before she became Twilight’s Bella Swan.

Book talk ideas: Kristen Stewart is known for her role of Bella Swan in the popular Twilight movies. Kristen Stewart was known among the indie movie scene and in Hollywood before landing this role. Learn more about Kristen’s life before she became Twilight’s Bella Swan.

Why did you include this book?: With the Twilight series being so popular among teens, I would think that learning about Kristen Stewart’s life would also be popular.

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