Into the wild

Title: Into the wild

Author: Jon Krakauer

IBSN: 0307387178

Publisher: Anchor Books

Copyright Date: 2007

Genre: Adventure

Reading Level: 10th grade

Interest Age: 15 yrs. +

Challenge Issues: This book does contain some cursing.

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Information about author: Jon Krakauer was born April 12, 1954. From an early age, he was an outdoors man. This fact has deeply influenced his life. He attended Hampshire College. He received a degree in Environmental Sciences.

John Krakauer has written several books. Some are these books are Into Thin Air, Under the Banner of Heaven, and Where Men of Glory Win: The Story of Pat Tillman. As a writer, he wrote many articles for various magazines.In addition to being a writer, he also edits for Modern Library.

Plot Summary: This book tells the story Christopher McCandless’s life and eventual death. Christopher comes from a well to do family when finances have never been a problem.  The book picks up as  he is graduating college. He just finished Emory University with a high GPA. His parents believe he will go on to law school instead he surprises everyone by pursuing his dreams and going into the wild.

Critical Evaluation: I loved this book. It is a truly unique book. Christopher had some special views on life that countered our consumerist American culture. For teens to be exposed to this counter culture would be great. It is important for teens to learn at a young age that consumerism is not the cool thing.

Reader’s annotation: Get lost ‘Into the Wild’ with Christopher McCandless

Book talk ideas: N/A

Why did you include this book?: Boys and girls would be attracted to Christopher McCandless’ views of individualism and abandon.

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