Jacob have I loved

Title: Jacob have I loved

Author: Katherine Paterson

IBSN: 0590434985

Publisher: Scholastic

Copyright Date: 1980

Genre: Historical novel

Reading Level: 4th grade

Interest Age: 9 yr. +

Challenge Issues: N/A

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Information about author: Katherine Paterson was born on October 31, 1932. She was born in China to American Christian missionaries. Her faith has played a huge part in her writing. She has a Bachelors degree in English from King College. She also has a Master degree in Biblical and Christian Studies from Presbyterian School of Christian Education.

Paterson has written several books. She has written The Master Puppeteer and The Great Gilly Hopkins. She has also written Bridge to Terabithia and Jip, His Story.  For her books, she has won multiple awards including the Newberry Award, National Book Award, Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction,  and Edgar Allen Poe Special Awards.

Plot Summary:   In this small community of Rass, the primary occupation is crabbing and most men are fishermen, including Truitt Bradshaw, the head of the Bradshaw family. Mr. Bradshaw has two twin daughters; Caroline, the beautiful and talented favorite and Sara Louise “Whezze”, a tomboy fisherwoman.Sara Louise is envious of Caroline’s perfection including her beautiful singing voice. Sara Louise and her best friend, McCall “Call” Purnell, come across a older mysterious newcomer, Captain. Call and Sara Louise help Captain with household chores and in doing so Sara develops a schoolgirl crush on Captain. Captain ends up marrying Trudy Braxton, an older cat lady. Meanwhile, the teenagers have grown  up. Each of the teenagers lives take them on different paths.

Critical Evaluation: Patterson’s has created an exceptional piece of writing. This book takes the reader into the mind of Whezze Bradshaw as she struggles with her internal voices and comes to the realization that she is perfect just the way she is.

Reader’s annotation: Jacob Have I Loved is Katherine Patterson’s modern take on the classic biblical Jacob and Esau sibling rivalry.

Book talk ideas: This book is the coming-of-age story for young Whezze. Whezze learns how to become her own person and outgrown her ‘perfect’ twin sisters shadow.

Why did you include this book?: Teens would be interested in this book because it deal with Whezze realizing that she is enough. Throughout the story her self-esteem and self-awareness becomes clearer. This is something teens can relate to.

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