Mean Girls

Title: Mean Girls

Director: Mark Waters


Release Year: 2004

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG-13

Interest Age: 13+ years

Challenge Issues: It has some sexually suggestive undertones.

Curriculum Ties: none

Information about director: John Waters was born on June 30, 1964. He is married and has a daughter. He graduated from American Film Institute. He was also inducted into a prestigious movie academy.

John Waters is a well known director. He has directed a great deal of movies. Some of his most popular films include Just like Heaven, Freaky Friday and (500) Days of Summer. Some of his other films include Head over Heels and The House of Yes. In addition to being a director he is also a writer and producer.

Plot Summary: Cady Heron, an eccentric teenage girl, embarks into the high school. After being home schooled she only hopes to be accepted by her fellow classmates, but is included into an elite catty group of girls, The Plastics. She accepts acceptance into the group, because she will help her real friends get revenge against The Plastics. In the process, Cady loses herself and becomes a superficial Plastic.

Critical Evaluation: This movie has the underlining message that it is what is inside that counts, not the superficial. I believe that it is entertaining but will overall give a good message. There are some part that are poorly acted, but teens will not notice it.

Reader’s annotation: Divide into the catty lives of high school teenage girls.

Book talk ideas: n/a

Why did you include this book?: This is a fun movie about girls that overall carries a good underlining message.

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