Nylon Magazine

Title: Nylon Magazine

IBSN: 1524-1750

Publisher: Pop Media, LLC

Running Date: 1999-Present

Genre: Magazine

Reading Level: 9th grade

Interest Age: 15 yrs+

Challenge Issues: It may discuss some adult topics such as contraception.

Curriculum Ties: I would use this magazine in a home economics class for students to get ideas on the new fashions. Students can work on creating their own fashion designs.

Plot Summary: This magazine focuses on fashion, models, beauty, up and coming artists. Nylon Magazine tells about the lesser known pop culture. While some of the topics maybe a big hit in today’s culture, most of the topics covered deal with the up and coming pop culture. This magazine has more of an edgy feel.

Critical Evaluation: I enjoyed this magazine. It has a fresh take on fashion and pop culture. It gives a perspective on new artists, not the popular ones.

Reader’s annotation: Learn more about the lesser known pop culture in Nylon Magazine.

Book talk ideas: n/a

Why did you include this book?: This magazine is directed toward teens. Teens enjoy reading about beauty tips and pop culture.

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