Opposing Viewpoints

Title: Opposing Viewpoints

Publisher: Gale Cengage Learning

Reading Level: 9th grade

Interest Age: 15 yr. +

Challenge Issues: The database contains adult issues such as abortion, death and violence.

Curriculum Ties: The database can be used for research papers and projects.

Plot Summary: The database contains both(cons and pros) viewpoints of a certain topic. The topics are arranged in seven categories; Business & economics, health & medicine, Energy & environmentalism, Law & politics, National debate topic, Science, technology & ethics and society & culture. When a topic is chosen, a brief definition of the topic is given. The topics also has the viewpoints, research on the subject, statistics, current news, websites, magazine and videos all associated with the topics.

Critical Evaluation: This is an excellent resource for teens to use. It gives a complete overview of the topic. Both the pros and the cons are presented without a certain bias. Only the facts are given so that people may come to their own conclusion

Reader’s annotation: Want to convince your parents it is okay to eat only junk food? Come find out the pros of junk food through opposing viewpoints.

Why did you include this book?: I think that teens will enjoy reading through the topics such as junk food and vegetarianism, but at the same time they will be learning about the topics. Also this will be a good resource to learn about other topics.

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