Seventeen Magazine

Title: Seventeen Magazine 

IBSN: 0037-301X

Publisher: Hearst Publications

Running Dates: 1944-Present

Genre: Magazine

Reading Level: 9th grade

Interest Age: 15 yrs +

Challenge Issues: Some issues may contain some sex advice.

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Plot Summary: Seventeen magazine is the leading magazine for the young women. It is been a forerunner since it started in 1944. This is a monthly magazine. It has been the sponsor for America’s next top model, as it features the America’s next top model winner on its cover. In addition to this, it also features beauty tips and advice.

Critical Evaluation: Again, this magazine contains a great deal of material that focuses on teenage girls’ looks instead of their smarts. It is somewhat demeaning for young girls, but they will not notice this and just read this magazine.

Reader’s annotation: Become seventeen as you read about teen interests.

Book talk ideas: N/A

Why did you include this book?: This magazine will contain some matters that teen are going to be interested in.

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