Sister Light, Sister Dark

Title: Sister Light, Sister Dark

Author: Jane Yolen

IBSN: 0765343576

Publisher: Tor Teen

Copyright Date: 1988

Genre: Fantasy

Reading Level: 8th grade

Interest Age: 15 yr +

Challenge Issues: Some may believe that it is too feminist. The cover is a little risky.

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Information about author: Jane Yolen was born on February 11, 1939. She received a Bachelor degree from Smith College. She continued her education at University of Massachusetts Amherst and earned her Masters in education. She writes fantasy, science fiction and children’s fiction.

Yolen has written short stories, poetry, books and folklore. Her first book was a part of the pit dragon trilogy. Some are her books are Wings, Briar Rose and Girl in a Cage. Some are poems include Lies and Will. Her folklore book is Favorite Folklore from Around the World.

Plot Summary: Sister Light, Sister Dark is a part of a series. The other two books in the series are White Jenna and The one-armed queen. They are all part of the Great Alta book series. This story takes place in the world of Dales, a fantasy world. The prophet Jenna, a young white-haired girl, has to bring the broken world of Dales together. Jenna has to call her dark sister from Hames to complete herself.

Critical Evaluation: This book creates a world of magic and art that can bring women to the forefront. Women are called to be beautiful, but mainly to be powerful and strong. The author does this in a way that memorizes the reader.

Reader’s annotation: Come learn about the warrior girl Jenna in Sister Light, Sister Dark.

Book talk ideas: Jenna is a strong warrior girl who learns more about her sister light and sister dark.

Why did you include this book?: This is one of those rare book in which a women can be both beautiful and powerful at the same time. Teen girls need to learn that each of us has a warrior princess inside of us.

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