Title: Stargirl

Author: Jerry Spinelli

IBSN: 037582233X

Publisher: Random House

Copyright Date: 2002


Reading Level:

Interest Age:

Challenge Issues:

Curriculum Ties:

Information about author: Jerry Spinelli was born on February 1, 1941. As a child, he was crazy about sports and wanted to play a sport professionally. When his first poem was published in a local newspaper, he changed his mind and decided to become a writer. He attended and graduated from Gettysburg College.

Spinelli has written several popular books. Some of his popular books include Stargirl, Manaic Magee, and Wringer. Some of his other books include Crash, Loser and The Lost Library Card. Most of his books deal with problems in adolescence or young adulthood. He has won two Newberry Awards.

Plot Summary: Stargirl is a newcomer to the Mica Area High School. At Mica Area High School in order to fit in students must act and dress a certain way. Although Stargirl does care about fitting in just being herself. Without wanting to she draws attention to herself by dressing differently and wearing no makeup. She also sings Happy birthday to those have a birthday. Stargirl soon develops a crush on Leo and it is reciprocated. The problem becomes that Leo wants to fit in while Stargirl just wants to express herself.

Critical Evaluation: This novel carries a good message. Spinelli writes this novel so that teens is embrace a nonconformist attitude. Spinelli achieves it by making it cool to be different.

Reader’s annotation: Being unique is okay in Stargirl’s world.

Book talk ideas: Yet another coming-to-age story from the perspective of the unique stargirl. Stargirl shows you in this book that it is okay to be an individual and have an voice.

Why did you include this book?: Teen girls need to be remind of this novel’s message: it is okay to be unique.

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