SummerHill secrets 1

Title: SummerHill secrets 1

Author: Beverly Lewis

IBSN: 0764204459

Publisher: Bethany House

Copyright Date: 2007

Genre: Christian Fiction

Reading Level: 8th grade

Interest Age: 14 yrs. +

Challenge Issues: Some of the religious beliefs may be too strong.

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Information about author: Beverly Lewis was initially a teacher and musician. She attended Evangel University, a Christian college. She writes Christan novels and short stories. She primary writes about the Amish community. Her background is in the Amish community.

Lewis has written multiple novels. Her books are geared towards youth and adult fiction. Most of her books parts of a book series. Some are her book series are Seasons of Grace, The Rose trilogy and The Courtship of Nellie Fisher. She has also written Amish cookbook.

Plot Summary: This book contains a first part of a book series. The books it contains are Whisphers down the Lane, Secret in the Willows, Catch a falling Star, Night of the fireflies and A cry in the dark. The main character in this novel is Merry Hanson. Merry, fifteen years old, lives near the Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Throughout the novel she uses her Christian faith to help her through some events.

Critical Evaluation: It is an enjoyable read for young adults. The Christian faith is somewhat muffled, but it is a sweet and innocent romance novel for young adults.

Reader’s annotation: Will Merry Hanson’s Christian faith help her make the right choices?

Book talk ideas: This book was originally five short novels. SummerHill secrets 1 tells about Merry Hanson’s life and how her Christian faith influence the choices she makes throughout her life. Some of these choices include what to do with a baby left at her doorstep and her Amish love interest.

Why did you include this book?: It is a sweet romance novel.

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