Taylor Swift: every day is a fairytale: the unofficial story

Title: Taylor Swift: every day is a fairytale: the unofficial story

Author: Liv Spencer

IBSN: 9781550229318

Publisher: ECW Press

Copyright Date: 2010

Genre: Biography

Reading Level: 4th grade

Interest Age: 9 yrs +

Challenge Issues: n/a

Curriculum Ties: Students can read this book when writing biographies.

Information about author: Liv Spencer has written several books on young popular teen teen topics. Her books are in a short storybook format. They are typically about twenty pages with a great deal of pictures.

Some of her books are Taylor Swift: Everyday is a Fairytale: the unofficial story and Love Bites: The Unofficial Twilight Guide. Another one of her books is The Miranda Cosgrove and iCarly Spectacular: Unofficial and Unstoppable.

Plot Summary: This is Taylor Swift’s unofficial biography. Taylor Swift is a popular country/pop artist among tweens/teens today. Taylor Swift started her life in Pennsylvania and was raised in a Christmas tree farm. She started performing at an early age and had a great deal of interest in singing. Her big break was with the song Tim McGraw.

Critical Evaluation: This is a wonderful resource for the life of Taylor Swift. I learned a great deal about Taylor Swift and I think that teens will enjoy reading about their idol.

Reader’s annotation: Learn about TSwift before she became a mega super star.

Book talk ideas: Are you an ultimate Taylor Swift fan? Do you know all her songs? Do you know her favorite number? Do you know where she was born? Find all this out and more in Taylor Swift: everyday is a fairytale: The unofficial story.

Why did you include this book?: Teens are interested in their favorite singers. Taylor Swift is among one of the most popular singers today.

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