Teen Vogue

Title: Teen Vogue

IBSN: 1540-2215

Publisher: Conde Nast Publications

Running Dates: 2000-2011

Genre: Magazine

Reading Level: 6th grade

Interest Age: 15 yr. +

Challenge Issues: This may contain some advice on reproductive and body issues.

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Plot Summary: This magazine contains a celebrity on the front cover with their photo shoot and story inside the magazine. It also has a special section of the magazine that covers celebrities. This also covers fashison trends, beauty tips and skin care. In addition to the basic tips, it also recommends products and services.

Critical Evaluation: Once again, this magazine focuses on beauty tips and celebrity fashion. It does not celebrate individuality, but instead tries to mold teens into a “teen vogue” girl. It is not the best message to send to young girls.

Reader’s annotation: The glamour and finesse of vogue for Teens just like you!

Book talk ideas: N/A

Why did you include this book?: Girls enjoy magazines like this and if this will get girls reading then I will place it in libraries. This can be a starting point in to start reading.

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