The Color Purple

Title: The Color Purple  

Author: Alice Walker

IBSN: 0671727796

Publisher: Pocket Books

Copyright Date: 1985

Genre: Drama

Reading Level: 9th grade

Interest Age: 15 yrs. +

Challenge Issues: This has homosexuality, sexual content and offensive language.

Curriculum Ties: n/a

Information about author: Alice Walker was born on February 9, 1944. She grew up in a racist area of the United States. She graduated class valedictorian from her high school. She went on to attend Spelman College, but graduated from Sarah Lawrence College. She was widely involved in social justice issues.

Walker is the author of many books. Some of her books are The Temple of my Familiar and Possessing the Secret Joy. She wrote a book of story stories entitled Everyday Use. Also, she was the editor of the magazine, Ms.  She has written multiple unpublished poems and papers.

Plot Summary: This novel takes place in 1930’s Georgia where African-Americans were oppressed. In this novel, Celie is a fourteen year old African-American girl who is continuely abused by her stepfather. He gets her pregnant with a girl, but takes that girl away from her. Again he get her pregnant with a boy, but takes the baby away from her. Throughout the novel Celie with some help from other strong African-American women overcomes her abuse and situation.

Critical Evaluation: This book reminds me of Hope in Patience and Sister Light, Sister Dark. It reminds me of Hope in Patience because it deals with the same issues of abuse. It reminds me of Sister Light, Sister Dark because it deal with female empowerment. Alice Walker does a wonderful job putting this book together.

Reader’s annotation: The Color Purple is female empowerment at its best.

Book talk ideas: Alice Walker writes powerful novels about women overcoming the obstacles life throws at them and this novel is not an exception.

Why did you include this book?: This book contains many issues teens would be interested in such as woman’s empowerment.

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