The face on the Milk Carton

Title: The face on the Milk Carton

Author: Caroline B. Cooney


Publisher: Bantam Books

Copyright Date: 1990

Genre: Drama

Reading Level: 8th grade

Interest Age: 15 yrs. +

Challenge Issues: N/A

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Information about author: Caroline B. Cooney was born on May 10, 1947. She was born in New York making her an American author. As she started her college career she did not have a clear idea of what she wanted to major in, but then learned about her interest in writing. Although she did not receive a formal degree she is decide to become a writer.

Cooney has written over 30 books. Her first book was Safe as a Grave. It was shortly followed by Among Friends and then came Family Reunion. She has written four book series; Losing Christina, Janie Johnson series, The Vampire’s Broken Promise and Time Travelers Quartet. The Face on the Milk Carton belongs to the Janie Johnson book series.

Plot Summary: Janie Johnson is surprised when she sees her picture in the missing persons section of a milk carton. She goes to her parents for answers and they tell her that she is her granddaughter. Her mother, Hannah, was in a cult, but Janie along with her boyfriend, Reeve, set out to find her.

Critical Evaluation: I enjoyed this book. For some reason, it seemed like it was directed to the adult audience, but it is appropriate for tweens/teens.

Reader’s annotation: What would you do if you found your picture on a missing children’s posting?

Book talk ideas: If you liked the recent movie, “Abuction”, then you will love this book. The Face on the Milk Carton is about a young girl who finds her face on a milk carton one day during lunchtime.

Why did you include this book?: This is a mystery novel that is written for young adults and is appealing for young adults.

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