The Pregnancy Pact

Title: The Pregnancy Pact 

Director: Rosemary Rodriguez


Release Year: 2010

Genre: Drama

Rating: PG-13

Interest Age: 13 yrs. +

Challenge Issues: Some of the adult issues, such as sexual matters, may be offense to some parents.

Curriculum Ties: This can be used in a sex education/health course.

Information about Director: Rosemary Rodriguez is one of lifetime movie directors. Rosemary Rodriguez has produced many movies for lifetime. Some of these movies include Castle, Rescue Me and Acts of Worship.

Plot Summary: In the small town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, five girls in Gloucester High School make a secret pact to get pregnant. When a past resident of Gloucester, Sidney Bloom, comes to the town to investigate she finds that things never change. The conservative town still preaches against sex education. She also finds out that the girls did make that pregnancy pact.

Critical Evaluation: While this film is not created by a studio, it provides a good message; it is important to have sex education in public school.

Reader’s annotation: Watch what happens when teens girls think it is “cool” to be pregnant?

Book talk ideas: n/a

Why did you include this book?: This would be an excellent, educational and entertaining sex education film for teens.

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