Weetzie Bat

17) Title: Weetzie Bat

Author: Francesca Lia Block

IBSN: 9780060736255

Publisher: HarperCollins

Copyright Date: 1989

Genre: LBGT

Reading Level: 9th grade

Interest Age: 14 yrs. +

Challenge Issues: This book contains homosexuality and teenage pregnancy.

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Information about author: Francesca Lia Block was born in December 3, 1962. She enjoys Greek mythology and fairy tales. She was a student at University of California Berkeley. She received the Margaret A. Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award.

Block has written for young adults. She writes non-fiction, short stories and novels. She wrote the dangerous angels series of six books. She also wrote The House of Dolls, Echo, and Ruby. She also wrote Little Pink, Pretty Dead and Blood Roses.

Plot Summary: Weetzie Bat is a young high school girl living in her own version of Los Angeles. She lives in a glamorous, hip and vintage Los Angeles. After getting the attention of the sought-after Dirk, she lands a date with him. During this date, Dirk  finds out that a secret about him. This secret brings them together and keeps them together through their adventures in Los Angeles.

Critical Evaluation: This short novel is loaded with gold. First of all, the story telling is that of a real fairy tale, but unlike a fairy tale it has a learning point. We learn that the LBGT community needs to be equally represented in literature and life, because they do exist.

Reader’s annotation: Follow Weetzie Bat on her adventures throughout Los Angeles

Book talk ideas: Weetize Bat is a unique novel. It is the first of its kind to deal with the LBGT topics.

Why did you include this book?: It is important to represent all communities including the LBGT community.

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